Sunday, February 1, 2009

PRO TRAVEL TIP: Gifts for International Travelers

Dear Travel Guru –

Here’s my problem – I need the perfect gift for my brother, the Priest who has everything! I keep trying to come up with innovative ideas but I’m clueless. I’ve given him every religious item, piece of clothing and gadget for his car that I can think of and the only brainstorm I can come up with is to get him something for travel, which he loves! He travels to one country or another almost every year, often to do volunteer work.

I’d like to stay within the $60 range. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer.

Perplexed Sister of Father Jim

Dear Perplexed –

This is no problem at all! You mentioned that your brother usually travels to other countries, so I can suggest a number of great gifts, available from, specifically designed with the international traveler in mind, and all priced under $60:

Five Piece Voltage Converter and Adapter Set This set converts foreign voltage to U.S. voltage and the adaptor plugs provide worldwide compatibility, making it possible to use small U.S. electronic devices in more than 150 countries. Under $40.

TravelSafe Locking Travel Safe by Pacsafe This handy compact travel safe is slash-proof, weather resistant and easy to use. Simply lock it to a stationary object, ensuring peace of mind and security of cash and other valuables such as some of the items in a Mass Kit. Under $40.

Coolmax Travel Sheet by Cocoon If your brother travels to third world countries, these lightweight cotton sheets, with Velcro secured side opening, pillow pocket and boxed foot section, would be perfect to help him get a good night’s sleep. Under $40.

Combine one of these with an Eagle Creek Pre-Board Travel Pouch and you have the perfect birthday gift for the traveling Priest who has everything!

The Travel Guru

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