Thursday, January 29, 2009

Car Travel with Children

Dear Travel Gear Guru –

Our five-year-old Grandson is coming to stay with us for a week while his parents vacation in the Bahamas. We don’t see him often and we’re really excited, but we’re concerned about the car trip. We’ll be picking him up in Albany and driving him to our home in Baltimore and we don’t have one of those in-car video systems, like my son has. Do you think we need to rent one?

Jacob’s Grandma in Baltimore, MD.

Dear Jacob’s Grandma –

Why not take this as an opportunity to bond with your grandson and give him special experiences he’ll remember as an adult! Although a 330 mile trip is a long time to keep a five-year-old entertained, if you come prepared, it can be fun.

Be sure to pack the following “young traveler” gear:

§ Plenty of healthy snacks (fruit, pretzels, trail mix and crackers are good choices, as are Grandma’s homemade goodies!)

§ An ice chest with waters and juices

§ Books on CD (check with his folks to discover your grandson’s interests and then talk to the local librarian for recommendations your grandson would enjoy)

§ Children’s Music on CD (Raffi has some great kids’ music that even adults find entertaining!)

§ An activity box loaded with fun kids’ items from your local dollar store. They might include paper, coloring books, crayons, pencils or markers, small animals, vehicles and action figures, mini doodle boards, magic ink coloring books, board books and so on.

§ Don’t forget the great games like I Spy and the one where you track different state’s license plates on the cars that drive by!

At we offer a Kids Car Organizer by High Road ($22.85), a great travel tool that’ll make your grandson feel like a “big kid”. It’s part toy box, part snack bar, part game table and it fastens securely in place with a seat belt. Your grandson will love being able to organize his own gear!

Have him bring his favorite toy or stuffed animal and blanket with him in the car. Don’t forget a travel pillow, so that when he falls asleep (very likely on this length trip) he won’t awake with a sore neck. Pro Travel Gear offers a Junior Kid's Travel Pillow by Bucky for only $17.95.

Make the journey part of his exciting stay at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, and enjoy!

The Travel Guru

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