Thursday, February 19, 2009

Traveling with Pets

Dear Travel Gear Guru –

We’ve begun traveling with our Portuguese Water Dog, Sophie. She’s a great companion, is really well-behaved and because she has a hypo-allergenic coat, most people aren’t allergic to her. Our friends don’t mind if we bring her with us, but we often run into problems finding hotels that will take her.

Are there any particular hotel chains that would allow her to stay in the room with us?

Allie W., Greenlawn, NY

Dear Allie –

The number of people who travel with pets has risen dramatically in the past few years, and fortunately, more hotels have started taking notice. Because many chains are franchises, you would have to check with individual properties to find out if they welcome pets and whether there is an charge extra. However, there is a great website,, that lists hotels in hundreds of locations across the U.S. that will accept pets. The site also lists hotel amenities and whether there is a charge for your pet. You can even make reservations online. They do recommend, however, that you call in advance and reconfirm that the pet policy has not changed. You’ll also want to request a room on the ground floor, near an exit and bring your pet’s bed with you.

If you travel with your pup regularly, consider investing in a Travel First Aid Kit for Pets from AGS Labs. The kit comes with Styptic Liquid, a Pair of Latex Gloves, a 4” x 4yd. Stretch Gauze Bandage, Eye and Skin Wash, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Hydrocortisone Cream, PVP Iodine and Insect Sting Swabs. It also comes with a card on which to safeguard your vet’s emergency numbers as well as a guide for simple pet first aid care and instructions for performing CPR on your pet. For under $23, it offers peace of mind for the loving pet owner!

Have a doggone good trip! (Sorry, just couldn’t resist)

The Travel Guru

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