Monday, February 16, 2009

Toiletry Set

Dear Travel Guru –

Well, I’m ticked off! I have a great toiletry kit that I love, but because of security regulations, it has to go in my suitcase now rather than my carry on. Two trips ago, my luggage never made it to the hotel until 2 days after I did, so I had to go out and buy all new toiletries! Next trip, I swore I’d carry a travel size on with me. So I did, and didn’t the darn things leak and get all over everything inside my bag!

Now I’m on a search to find a toiletry kit that I can carry on, but that can be trusted not to leak. No more dollar store bargains (which wasn’t a bargain!)


Dear Mad–

You’ll find comfort in the fact that you’re not the first person I’ve heard share these woes. I have one friend whose digital camera was ruined when her shampoo container broke and got into the camera case.

But there is a solution! carries Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Leak Proof Travel Bottle Set. The set comes with 3 squeeze-top and 1 pour-top 4-oz. bottles for shampoo, cream rinse, soaps and lotions, as well as 2 2-oz. vials for pills and vitamins. This set sells for under $8. A lot of folks also purchase the Eagle Creek Pack-It Wallaby II Travel Toiletry Kit in which to pack them and find it’s a great combo solution for all their toiletry travel gear. The Wallaby is stain and water resistant, has three sections with loads of compartments for bottles, jewelry and other needs. There’s a removable mirror and swivel hanger hook, yet folds small enough to fit into your carry-on. The Wallaby II sells for $32.95 and you’ll find it very useful for both short and long trips. And no more spills!

Best of luck,

The Travel Guru
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