Sunday, February 22, 2009

Packing Tips

Dear Travel Guru -

In May, I’m taking a week-long trip with my significant other that will be part business, part pleasure and he is insisting that I take only ONE suitcase. He doesn’t realize how impossible this is! My shoes alone could fill a suitcase.

How in heavens name can I fit everything in one suitcase? Help!

Sheryl G., NYC

Dear Sheryl –

I turned to my meeting planner friends for help on this one, and they said it should be a breeze, especially since it’s not winter.

1) Stick with neutral colors in “mix and match” pieces: tans, khakis, blacks, blues and/or grays.
2) Take several pairs of dress pants, 1-2 pairs of casual pants, capris or shorts, perhaps a skirt, 1-2 business jackets or sweater sets and several tops that you can hand wash if necessary
3) One neutral (“little black?”) dress if you’re going out at night
4) Two to three pairs of shoes max, including shoes needed for workout. Throw in a pair of flip flops for the pool (P.S. The pair you’ll be wearing for travel is included in this count)
5) One purse
6) Jewelry and accessories to change the appearance of the clothing
7) One swimsuit, maybe a pareo coverup. Use the hotel’s towels rather than bring one.
8) One T-shirt and pair of shorts for workouts, if desired
9) One pair of pjs or nightgown ( has some great Silk or SeaCell Travel pajamas for $26-$80 that are comfortable, lightweight and take almost no room
10) Underwear, limited amount of makeup, toiletries in small kits
11) Lightweight casual jacket

For dress clothes, if you leave them in the plastic dry cleaners bag, they’ll come out virtually unwrinkled.

Carry your makeup, toiletries and a change of clothing for the first day in your carry-on, just in case you and your luggage are separated.

Good luck and Bon Voyage!

The Travel Guru

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