Monday, February 9, 2009

Camera Cases for Travel

Dear Travel Guru –

My husband is an Ansel Adams wannabe. When we travel, he takes both a digital and an SLR with him “just in case.” His carryon is a jumble of wires, film, lenses, batteries, cables and other gear! When he takes photos with the SLR, he sometimes has trouble keeping track of which rolls have been shot. The last time we took a trip, he ended up developing one blank roll of film!

His birthday is coming up and I’d like to get him a case that would help him organize his photography equipment, but most I’ve looked at seem so bulky and not very functional. Do you have any suggestions?

Susan A., Staten Island, NY

Dear Susan –

Like your husband, I’m one of those people for whom photography is an essential part of travel. A well-shot photo can transport you back to magical memories years later.

Your idea of finding a case for your husband that would help him be prepared to “capture the moment” is a very thoughtful gift.

I have a couple of recommendations:

The Podzilla Travel Camera Case by Road Wired - $39.95 This case is a real find and measures 9.25"L x 9"H x 6.5"D. It “wings out” for convenience and features 20 pockets and compartments to hold any item the photo buff or pro might want to carry. It’s made out of ballistic nylon, so not only is it lightweight for its size (only 1.5 lbs.), it’s also waterproof. One of the things I like about it is that not only is there a “secret pocket” to hide cash and keys, but there are loops on the back so you can remove the (non-twisting) strap and fasten it to your belt loops. The inside has elasticized media and accessory organizers, flap pockets and bungee keepers to safeguard equipment and gear. The outer pockets are gusseted to keep contents from falling out.

The Pod Travel Camera Case by Road Wired - $25.95 Depending on how much photography gear your husband carries, this “little brother” of the Podzilla above might be perfect. It’s the same model as the Podzilla above, offers the same great features, but is smaller (7"L x 6.5"H x 5"D) and more lightweight (13 oz.) in size.
Best wishes to “Ansel” on his birthday!

The Travel Guru

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