Thursday, February 5, 2009

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Dear Travel Guru –

One of my friends emailed me about an international flight where he was stuck sitting in front of a baby who spent the entire flight vocalizing in high “Aaaaagh.” I’ve had similar experiences with seatmates competing for the Guinness Book of World Records in snoring. My friend mentioned that he had found some great earphones that cut out cabin noise, but I can’t locate that email anymore. I have a “two-for-one” international flight coming up next month, first to Los Angeles, then on to China and I don’t want to risk being a zombie at the end. I have a number of business appointments lined up and it’s important that I be sharp for them. Do you have any noise-buffering recommendations?

Mike C., Newark, NJ

Dear Mike –

Been there, tried to sleep through that! I now own my very own set of Plane Quiet Noise Canceling Headphones. Aaaaaah, what a difference!

What I like about them, other than the fact that they actively reduce noise up to 18 decibels, is that they’re also one of the lightest-weight pair you can find. They work with most electronic devices including the iPod ®/ MP3, CD, DVD players, laptop computers and desktop computers. Because the headband and earcups are both leather wrapped, they’re comfortable for long flights. They’re easy to slip into your briefcase or carryon because they fold flat and come with a travel pouch plus they also come with a 1/8” and ¼” adaptor. One feature I find useful is that with the click of a switch, you can turn the noise canceling feature on or off. They retail on for $99.95.

In case you need some pointers about dealing with JetLag, you may also want to read our article “ProTravelTip: Avoiding Jet Lag.”

Here’s to a good flight’s sleep!

The Travel Guru

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