Friday, January 9, 2009

TRAVEL SAFETY: Traveling with Cash

Dear Travel Gear Guru –

My husband and I are traveling to China next month to adopt and bring home a baby girl. We’re so excited to finally be getting our new daughter, but also worried because our adoption agency has recommended that we take most of the money in cash rather than travelers’ checks. We’ve never traveled with so much cash before and the idea is pretty scary. Any suggestions?

Ann S., Rochester, NY

Dear Ann –

Congratulations to you and your husband! Having waited so long for this event – I understand from friends that the wait is about two years now – it’s important that you feel secure to focus on your daughter and not on the safety of the cash you are transporting.

When you must carry a lot of cash, for any reason, don’t store it all in one place. You and your husband should split the cash, and stow it in a number of separate locations, and always with you. Never leave the cash in unattended bags or in your hotel room when you are out. If you stay at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou to finalize your adoption, you may have access to the use of a safe deposit box, but many hotels in China will not offer this amenity.

To alleviate stress about traveling with so much cash, you and your husband might each consider selecting one or two security products offered by

§ TravelSafe Locking Travel Safe by Pacsafe – This compact travel safe is slash-proof, weather resistant and easy to use, ensuring peace of mind while you sleep. Under $40.

§ Eagle Creek All Terrain Travel Money Belt – Carry your cash in the zippered compartment hidden within this one size fits all money belt. Under $14.

§ Eagle Creek UnderCover Deluxe Security Belt – This pouch, which fits up to a 42” waist, can be hidden beneath clothing and secures money, passports and other valuable documents. Under $14.

§ The Eagle Creek Undercover Neck Pouch - Not only can you stow cash, but this pouch also provides safe storage for your passport, airline tickets and other valuables. Under $14.

§ Eagle Creek UnderCover Travel Leg Stash – Hide cash and other documents in this clever travel accessory, worn just above the ankle. The Coolmax backing makes it comfortable in all climates. Under $15.

Safe travels and warmest wishes to you, your husband on the adoption of your new daughter!

The Travel Guru


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