Monday, January 5, 2009

PRO TRAVEL TIP: Totes for Meeting Planners

Dear Travel Gear Guru –

My girlfriend is a meeting planner for a trade association, so she travels a lot. I’m looking for a birthday gift for her, and I notice that each time she travels on business, she complains about her bag. It’s big with few inside pockets, so she ends up using clear zip lock bags inside her tote. Even then, she can’t find what she’s looking for.

I think she needs a bag that’s large, can be used as a tote or a purse, and has lots of pockets to hold her planning book, purse, makeup, camera, airline tickets, passport, etc. She carries more gear onto the plane than the average traveler because she’s always afraid if her luggage gets delayed or lost, she won’t be able to run her meetings. What would you suggest?

Ted L., Branson, MO.

Dear Ted –

Do I have some great suggestions for you! I went to my female friends who are meeting planners to ask what they’d recommend and here are some of their favorite choices:

Carryall Travel Tote by Ellington – This elegant “workhorse” of a bag features 4 exterior pockets and a front bungee cord, 2 full width pockets with magnetic snaps, a zip mesh pocket, pen slots and a hideable luggage handle for $89.95.

Large In Flight Tote by Ellington – Lots of pockets for a wallet, travel guide, a good book, camera, cell phone, sunglasses, water, compact or any other gear your girlfriend can think of! - $73.85

Catalina Travel Pack Backpack by Ellington – This hands-free travel bag is a great choice for meeting planners because of the spacious storage and numerous compartments that will hold just about anything. - $ 54.85

Baggalini Messenger Bag – This popular hands-free option fits across the body and features multiple pockets that will carry everything from a magazine or important documents to sunglasses for a post-event beach day! - $39.95

I am sure that one of these totes will delight your girlfriend and solve her problem of traveling with the many items needed by meeting planners.

The Travel Guru

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