Wednesday, January 21, 2009

PRO TRAVEL TIP: Wrinkle-free traveling

Dear Travel Guru –

My husband travels on business a lot and when he’s flying, he travels in casual clothes, but once he gets to his destination, it’s all suits and ties. Because he can be on the road for more than a week at a time, he brings at least 5 or 6 ties with him in case they get stained.

Right now, he carefully rolls his ties up and stores them in his shoes for the plane trip and then “steams the smell out” in the bathroom while he showers! This grosses me out, but he says he can’t find another way to avoid ties that look like the plane ran over them. Surely there must be some other solution!

Cheryl N., Chicago, IL

Dear Cheryl,

Your note made me laugh out loud because I have several friends who used to do the exact same thing!

Now I bet I’ve got you wondering whether this is a trick taught in Boy Scouts, or whether it’s one of those beloved traditions passed on from fraternity brother to fraternity brother. I think I’ll keep you guessing!

Anyway, yes, I do have a better solution than the “steam the smell out” method of keeping ties smooth. offers the Original Tie Caddy with a patented winding mechanism so your husband can store his ties in the 4 ¼” x 2 ¼” clear plastic cylinders, confident that they’ll come out looking as if they’ve just been slipped off a store tie rack.

By the way, a good method of making sure suits stay wrinkle-free is to leave them in their original dry cleaning bags for travel. They take up a little more room, but the trapped air provides cushioning to prevent wrinkles.

Cheryl, thanks for the laugh!

The Travel Guru

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