Wednesday, January 14, 2009

PRO TRAVEL TIP: Protective Bed Linens

Dear Travel Gear Guru –

Last summer, my twin ten-year-old daughters went away to riding camp for two weeks. When they returned, we discovered that they both had raging cases of head lice! I had to cut their beautiful long hair and it took several weeks to get rid of the nasty little critters.

Now, they’re scheduled to attend a week-long retreat at a Girl Scout Lodge later this year, and while I don’t want to deprive them of the adventure, I’m frantic thinking that we could run into this again! How can we protect against disaster striking a second time?!

Marsha T., Stroudsburg, PA

Dear Marsha –

After an episode like that, I can certainly understand your concern, but there are definitely ways to protect against head lice infestation!

Lice cannot jump or fly, but they are extremely contagious and have tiny claws that allow them to adhere firmly to hair strands if there is head-to-head contact or if personal items are shared. Remind your daughters never to use anyone else’s combs, brushes or hair accessories. They should also never wear or even try on anyone else’s hat or riding helmet. We also recommend that your daughters bring separate pillows and bed linens for use at the retreat.

Rather than risk bringing their pillows, which may pick up the smells of the lodge, consider’s comfy Luxurious Down Alternative Travel Pillow by Cocoon with a nylon shell and synthetic down fill, for under $20.

Pair the pillow with a Coolmax Travel Sheet by Cocoon for $39.95 and your daughters will be all set! The Coolmax Travel Sheet features a pillow pocket, Velcro-secured side opening and a roomy boxed foot section. They’re made out of specially woven cotton fabric to be lightweight, durable and easy to wash. If it’s chilly, your daughters can simply add a blanket over the travel sheet or slip it inside a sleeping bag for total comfort.

We’re sure your daughters’ next outing won’t be the headache it was for all three of you the last time!

The Travel Guru

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