Saturday, March 21, 2009

ProTravel Tip: Coffee for the Road

Dear Travel Guru -

I’m big into adventure – canoeing, hiking, camping, biking, backpacking. I love anything to do with the out-of-doors. My problem is that I need coffee in the morning to feel human. I can’t tell you how many people won’t talk to me until I’ve had my morning joe. I’ve been putting up with instant for years but we’re planning a three week hike and I just can’t deal without my high test for three weeks. I can live without the cream and sugar, but not without the real stuff.

Any ideas of how to go 3 weeks without coffee?

Grumpy without Grounds

Dear Grumpy –

You sound like me before I discovered’s Mountaineer's Coffee French Press I can’t tell you how many camping and hiking trips I (and my friends) suffered through before I discovered the wonders of French Press Coffee.

Pack your favorite ground coffee and place some in the giant mug along with hot water. Put the cap on, press the plunger and this convenient little 14 oz. gadget will give you a delicious cup of freshly brewed java. You’ll swear your back at home! It’s made out of stainless steel with an insulated liner and a spill proof top so that once you make your coffee, it’s good to go! I bet you’ll even end up using it for your commute to work!

Enjoy the trip!

With best regards,

The Travel Guru

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