Friday, March 27, 2009

Pro Travel Tip: Packing for Round-the-World Adventure

Dear Travel Guru –

I’m taking an extended trip throughout Europe and because we’ll be staying in a lot of different places and riding on all types of vehicles, I’d like some suggestions of how I can pack light. If possible, I’d like to get away with only one carryon bag.

Can you suggest what I should take and what type of luggage might work best?



Dear Ann –

On an extended trip, it’s very wise to pack light. Many travelers make the mistake of carrying far more than they need and discover they have to haul it around with them when they really wear only a couple of outfits.

I recommend you start by going to the “Universal Packing List” site that will create a customized packing list for you, depending on the season, the length of your stay, the type of travel gear you’re traveling with, whether you’ll be cooking your own food, and even whether or not you wear glasses.

One of the questions it will ask is what you’re planning to pack your gear in. If you have an appropriate bag already, great! If not, you’ll probably want something roomy, lightweight and that doubles as a backpack or a wheel-on. offers the MLC® Wheelie by Patagonia which has all those features in one maximum limit carryon. Its coated balistics nylon and polyester fabric makes it weather-resistent, it comes with a T-handle and heavy-duty wheel system that makes pulling it a breeze. But for stairs and bumpy ground, simply pull out the straps and it converts to a backpack.

The outside pocket is great for safeguarding tickets and there is an internal “floating” divider to separate dirty laundry from clean.

Ann, one of the things the Universal Packing List will recommend is for you to plan on layering. You may also want to take a look at the Women’s Apparel Section of’s website as well to discover some lightweight tops, pants and underwear that all pack well.

Have a great adventure!

The Travel Guru

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