Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pro Travel Tip: Tote for Travel Comfort

Dear Travel Guru –

One of my girlfriends travels a lot and the last time we traveled together, she used a cross-the-body bag that she swore by. I swear that bag was like Mary Poppin’s carpet bag! She managed to carry every imaginable thing in there and she said it didn’t bother her back or shoulders. I, on the other hand, was carrying far less than she was and I ended up feeling like a little old lady because I was so stiff from carrying an over-the-shoulder bag with camera, water, guidebook, wallet… you get the picture. I looked like a bag lady!

Do you have a recommendation of a bag that can be used for everyday but also functions for heavy duty travel?

Katie L.

Dear Katie –

You have correctly associated that pain you felt with your bag. Man, excuse me, woman was not meant to be a pack animal! Chiropractors have been seeing an increase in neck, shoulder and back pain as a result of the larger size bags women are carrying these days.

When you travel, it gets worse, because most women have a tendency to tuck extra things into their purses, like water, cameras, guidebooks, sewing kits, toiletries, even lightweight jackets “just in case.”

We have just the solution! Our Baggallini Messenger Bag lies flat across your body, so it doesn’t put as much stress on your neck and back. Because of its design, it also discourages pickpockets. It measures 13” x 10” x 4” and is made out of durable, light weight, water resistant microfiber nylon. It has multiple zippered pockets, and a large back pocket in which you can store your guidebook or maps. The strap has a concealed pocket in which you can squirrel away money, credit cards or metro tickets.

Once you purchase this bag, it’s important to remember: Don’t stuff it with as much travel gear as you can fit, or you’ll need a porter. Put in it only what you need. Don’t forget to stand up straight – a good posture helps distribute the load so you won’t end up in pain.

Best regards,

The Travel Guru

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