Friday, March 13, 2009

Pro Travel Tip: Convertible Pants

Dear Travel Guru –

My boyfriend is an avid hiker, kayaker and mountain biker. He also loves to camp. He’s always looking for pants that pack small, wash easily and are multi-purpose. He usually travels with a backpack so there’s not a lot of extra space. A pair that’s good for hot or cool weather would also be helpful.

Got any recommendations?

Karen T., Oklahoma City

Dear Karen – has the perfect adventure pants for an adventurous guy. They’re lightweight and will fold small to fit in with all of the other travel gear he puts in his back pack.

They’re the Men's Ex Officio Amphi Convertible Travel Pants.
I’m an avid kayaker and camper myself and these pants are the best!. They’re made out of a fabric called Nycott which is nylon treated with Teflon, but which feels like cotton. What I like about them is that they’re comfortable, water, wrinkle and stain resistant, can be rinsed out quickly in a stream or a sink and will dry in a flash.

I also like the fact that they convert to shorts. If it’s hot, I simply zip off the lower leg. If it’s cold or I’m going to a restaurant or bar where I need to wear pants, I simply zip the leg back on. The ankle zip makes it easy to get shoes on and off.

They come in 32” or 33” seam length and the shorts are 9.” There’s also a convenient security zip pocket on the leg in which to store valuables, so in case the kayak tips, my money and other treasures won’t go floating off downstream.

I bet your boyfriend will like these so well, he’ll want several pair!

Best regards,

The Travel Guru

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