Monday, March 2, 2009

Finding Look-alike Luggage

Dear Travel Guru –

I just got rid of my old luggage, which was easy to spot because of its “distressed” look. It’s seen me through quite a few airports and I was sad to get rid of it, but it finally gave up the ghost in LaGuardia airport when the zipper broke and my suits, shirts and underwear ended up all over the luggage carousel.

So I went out and bought “the latest and greatest” set. The new luggage is great, but I should have looked for a neon green color or something with a pattern. Now my suitcases look like every other piece on the luggage carousel and I can’t tell them apart.

Cars have remotes you can press and the lights go on, why can’t they have something like that for luggage? Do you have any suggestions of an easier way to find my luggage than reading every tag?

Dismayed Dan

Dear Dan –

As a matter of fact, we have exactly the type of travel tool available that you’re looking for. It’s called the Luggage Locator Pro and it’s only $29.95.

The receiver attaches to your luggage with an FCC approved cable that is durable and weather resistant. The remote is compact and will fit easily in a pocket, a purse or on a key ring and can help you detect your suitcase from as far as 60 feet away. When you hit the button on the remote, a series of beeps and flashes will tell you where your bag is located.

If you have multiple bags, you simply purchase additional receivers separately and all can be programmed to work off one remote.

No more luggage carousel hassles!

Best regards,

The Travel Guru

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