Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lightwire Brief: The Perfect Carry-on

Dear Travel Guru,
I am a frequent traveler - often taking one- or two-day trips by plane. I am looking for a high-quality carry-on bag with enough space for a change of clothes and a few things for my trips. I would like this to be extra durable, since I travel a lot!

Dear Marianne,

Finding just the perfect carry-on can be a challenge--but fear-not... The Travel Guru comes to the rescue again!

Check out the Lightwire shoulder bag. This bag is perfect for the day trip and all of your business travel needs--and has enough room for a change of clothes too!

The Doubleweave ShiftLayer nylon fabric combines baselayer woven under tension with floating top layer to absorb friction and reduce abrasion--- what does that mean? I am not sure entirely, but it sure does sound durable!

This great carry-on bag has an internal adjustable mesh laundry pocket, to keep yesterday's socks safely away from today's sweater and the padded, fully suspended computer sleeve protects your laptop against any hard drops or minor hits from unruly fellow passengers in a hurry to exit the plane.

The zippered external pockets give easy access to the portable office organizer, your cell phone and airline tickets. The shoulder bag also features a stretch water bottle pocket and zippered external security pocket.

I just know you love this shoulder bag, because besides being stylish and versatile, it has a fully padded bottom which will protect the contents and allow it to stand on its own. The clever split shoulder strap slides over carry handle to stow itself out of the way when not in use. Both are coated with polyurethane and durable water repellent finish--just to keep it looking snazzy for many many trips to come!

THE Travel Guru

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Honeymoon Travel - Europe

Dear Travel Guru,

My best friend and her fiance are planning their honeymoon to Europe. They are planning to spend three weeks in England, Germany and France and they are so excited.

I would like to get them an engagement/early wedding gift of a guide and I saw you have the "Hedonist's Guides." Can you tell me a little more about these travel books? Would they make a good gift?

Shere J.

Dear Shere,

The Hedonist's Guide are perfect for a wedding gift! What a wonderful gift idea. Your friends are going to love traveling around Europe and with these guides they will have detailed, glossy descriptions & photos of Berlin, London and Paris. They will have a blast exploring the best hotels, most interesting restaurants, chic bars and clubs--and great shopping boutiques!
Everyone should see Europe this way.

The Travel Guru

Friday, November 28, 2008

Travel Laptop Stand

Dear Travel Guru,

I travel a lot for work and I am in a plane at least twice a week. I always travel with my laptop and I would like to find a way to be able to effectively use my laptop on the plane and in the gate area. The tray table on the plane is awkward and there are never any tables in the gate area, except at the restaurants.

What can I do to make the my business travel better?

Thank you for all of your great travel advice,

Peter G., WI

Dear Peter,

With so many people - business and leisure travelers, bring their laptops on board planes, it is a wonder that someone didn't think of this first!
Luckily we have a product for you! The AVIATOR ™ Laptop Stand from Keynamics® LLC is the first and only stand specifically designed for both airplane tray tables and desktops. This handy-dandy Laptop Stand safely extends the laptop keyboard over 2 inches over the front edge of the tray and raises the screen by 3 inches. The tray positions the laptop at an angle for typing and easy viewing--making it easier to use a laptop on a plane. This also allows you to reach the neutral posture that OSHA recommends.
Best of all the AVIATOR™ also turns any flat surface into a computer workstation, including a hotel room desk, coffee shop or office desk--you can even use it on top of your carry-on luggage as you wait in the gate area. The compact design of the travel laptop stand fits flat right in the side pocket of your laptop case and only weighs 9 ounces.
We think this is the perfect solution to you travel needs. Check out the travel laptop stand today.
THE Travel Guru

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kids Car Organizer XL by High Road

Dear Travel Guru,

The backseat of my SUV is a mess! My 3 and 5-year-olds have juice cups and books and snacks and toys all over the place. I have tried a bunch of things in the back... little bins and bags, but nothing has worked. And worst Can you help me find the right thing for the back of my car?

Maggie T. Kentucky

Dear Maggie,

Ah... the perils of traveling with our delightful children!
We have a couple great backseat and car organizers, but for those heavy duty "mommy, he's touching me!" moments--we would recommends the Kids Car Organizer by High Road. There's plenty of room for their games, toys and snacks. And best of all it fits in between the seats so no one is "crowded!" Load it up with a whole day's worth of travel entertainment--and be assured that there is a place for everything. Adjustable dividers and padded sides keep the contents organized and insulated. The outside is thoughtfully designed with identical sides to reduce backseat squabbling--and is tall enough for kids in booster seats. The sides of the reinforced lid flip up for a fun play space where toys can be played with and crayons won't roll offm and the whole thing buckles into the seat with the seat belt to keep it secure.
Check this genius travel car organizer out... you won't be disappointed.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Travel Gifts Under $50

Dear Travel Guru,

I am looking for gifts under $50 for the travelers in my life. They have luggage and organizers, but I need something interesting and fun--and useful.

Do you have any suggestions?

Becky K.

Dear Becky,

I certainly do have suggestions, in fact on the Pro Travel Gear Website we have a whole section of "under $50" gifts.

My personal favorite travel gear gadget is the Luggage Locator Pro. This nifty traveler's invention easily locates your luggage from up to 60 ft away with a series of beeps and flashes set off by a remote small enough to fit in your pocket or on a key chain.

And... if you have multiple bags you can purchase additional receivers can be purchased separately and programmed to work with the your current Luggage Locator™ Pro remote.. which is great for the traveler who is traveling with a group or family. Think about the hassle this will save as you wait at the baggage carousel with 3 crabby children! You can get your bags quick, and get out of there!

For more information on this great gift idea for travelers--check out the Pro Travel Gear Website.

The Travel Guru
Pro Travel Gear

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Road Trip...with Kids!

Dear Travel Guru -

My sister and I are taking a road trip to visit our parents in Arizona for Christmas (we live in New York) We have decided to drive because we each have 2 kids under 5... so we will be traveling in a van with 4 kids for 2-3 days each way, (I know... we are crazy!)

What can we do to keep the van relatively organized and our sanity, (what we have left) in tact.

Michelle J., Rochester, NY

Hi Michelle--

That is quite an undertaking! Well, there are a few things at ProTravel Gear that will help keep you organized and the kids happy.
The absolute essential for taking long trips with children is our Car Organizer by High Road. You can easily and neatly pack videos, DVDs & CDs. Organizing the viewing choices cuts through the clutter and puts it all in reach. Smaller items, like game cartridges and cassettes can be stored safely in the convenient mesh pockets. Convenient storage even exists just for a standard size tissue box. There are seven pockets in all.
The organizer is made of reinforced 600 denier pack cloth.
Benefits include being able to reduce car clutter (a plus for two traveling mom's and 4 kids) as well as organize your car's music, videos, and games. There are also lots of small pockets for organizing Crayons-Game cartridges-Mints, gum, etc.
For more information and to purchase the car organizer, check out the Pro Travel Gear Website!
The Travel Guru

Friday, November 21, 2008

Traveling to Europe - Need the PERFECT Bag

Dear Travel Guru,

My husband and I have planned a European trip for our 20th anniversary this summer and I am looking for a bag to carry that I can use as a carry-on on the plane as well as something I can use while we hike and site-see. Can you recommend anything durable and all-purpose that would also be stylish and easy to carry?

Kathy M., Fort Mill, SC

Dear Kathy,

A European vacation is a great way to celebrate your anniversary! We have several great bags that give you the comfort and functionality that you are looking for.

One of our personal favorites is the stylish Baggalini Messenger Bag. The strap fits across your chest and the locking zippered compartments keep your valuables organized and safe. There is a large back pocket gives you easy access to magazines and important documents--perfect for the plane. You can even clip your keys into the bag. There is even a concealed pocket in the strap to keep money and your cell phone.

The messenger bag is made of strong and durable MicroFiber nylon -- perfect for a plane ride AND traveling across Europe!

The Travel Guru

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Gift for Traveler

Dear Travel Guru:

Hello. My husband has a new job and travels for work several days each month. I would like to get him a Christmas gift that would make the long plane rides or hotel stays easier on him. But he is also hard to buy for him since he seemingly has everything! Do you have any ideas?

Samantha K - Charlotte, NC

Dear Samantha,

We have a ton of great travel gear for the avid recreational traveler...and the business traveler, and everyone in between.

For your husband I would like to recommend our Quiet Platinum Noise Reducing Headset.
At less than $100 each the Plane Quiet Platinum is a full around-ear active noise reducing headset at a great price. It's combined high fidelity sound, active noise cancellation, and low price, make it an unbeatable value. Your husband will love the great sound, and also the headsets ability to get rid of the sound of the screeming baby, the loud talker, the plane noise and the chatty row-mate. In fact, we think this is the perfect gift for the frequent traveler!
A List of the Plane Quiet Noise Reducing Headset is below -- thank yo ufor your question and happy holidays.
Features & Accessories:
-->Up to 18 decibels of active noise reduction
-->Flat-folding designProtective Storage/travel pouch
-->Luxurious leather wrapped ear cups & headband
-->Noise cancellation on/off switch
-->Gold plated 1/4th inch stereo pin
-->Gold plated 1/8th inch to 1/4th inch adapter
-->Gold plated dual-pin adapter
-->Two AAA batteries included
-->Compatible with: iPod ®/ MP3, CD, DVD players/laptop computers/ desktop computers
-->Limited one-year warranty
-->FAA compliant