Saturday, November 29, 2008

Honeymoon Travel - Europe

Dear Travel Guru,

My best friend and her fiance are planning their honeymoon to Europe. They are planning to spend three weeks in England, Germany and France and they are so excited.

I would like to get them an engagement/early wedding gift of a guide and I saw you have the "Hedonist's Guides." Can you tell me a little more about these travel books? Would they make a good gift?

Shere J.

Dear Shere,

The Hedonist's Guide are perfect for a wedding gift! What a wonderful gift idea. Your friends are going to love traveling around Europe and with these guides they will have detailed, glossy descriptions & photos of Berlin, London and Paris. They will have a blast exploring the best hotels, most interesting restaurants, chic bars and clubs--and great shopping boutiques!
Everyone should see Europe this way.

The Travel Guru

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