Friday, November 28, 2008

Travel Laptop Stand

Dear Travel Guru,

I travel a lot for work and I am in a plane at least twice a week. I always travel with my laptop and I would like to find a way to be able to effectively use my laptop on the plane and in the gate area. The tray table on the plane is awkward and there are never any tables in the gate area, except at the restaurants.

What can I do to make the my business travel better?

Thank you for all of your great travel advice,

Peter G., WI

Dear Peter,

With so many people - business and leisure travelers, bring their laptops on board planes, it is a wonder that someone didn't think of this first!
Luckily we have a product for you! The AVIATOR ™ Laptop Stand from Keynamics® LLC is the first and only stand specifically designed for both airplane tray tables and desktops. This handy-dandy Laptop Stand safely extends the laptop keyboard over 2 inches over the front edge of the tray and raises the screen by 3 inches. The tray positions the laptop at an angle for typing and easy viewing--making it easier to use a laptop on a plane. This also allows you to reach the neutral posture that OSHA recommends.
Best of all the AVIATOR™ also turns any flat surface into a computer workstation, including a hotel room desk, coffee shop or office desk--you can even use it on top of your carry-on luggage as you wait in the gate area. The compact design of the travel laptop stand fits flat right in the side pocket of your laptop case and only weighs 9 ounces.
We think this is the perfect solution to you travel needs. Check out the travel laptop stand today.
THE Travel Guru

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