Saturday, November 22, 2008

Road Trip...with Kids!

Dear Travel Guru -

My sister and I are taking a road trip to visit our parents in Arizona for Christmas (we live in New York) We have decided to drive because we each have 2 kids under 5... so we will be traveling in a van with 4 kids for 2-3 days each way, (I know... we are crazy!)

What can we do to keep the van relatively organized and our sanity, (what we have left) in tact.

Michelle J., Rochester, NY

Hi Michelle--

That is quite an undertaking! Well, there are a few things at ProTravel Gear that will help keep you organized and the kids happy.
The absolute essential for taking long trips with children is our Car Organizer by High Road. You can easily and neatly pack videos, DVDs & CDs. Organizing the viewing choices cuts through the clutter and puts it all in reach. Smaller items, like game cartridges and cassettes can be stored safely in the convenient mesh pockets. Convenient storage even exists just for a standard size tissue box. There are seven pockets in all.
The organizer is made of reinforced 600 denier pack cloth.
Benefits include being able to reduce car clutter (a plus for two traveling mom's and 4 kids) as well as organize your car's music, videos, and games. There are also lots of small pockets for organizing Crayons-Game cartridges-Mints, gum, etc.
For more information and to purchase the car organizer, check out the Pro Travel Gear Website!
The Travel Guru

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