Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kids Car Organizer XL by High Road

Dear Travel Guru,

The backseat of my SUV is a mess! My 3 and 5-year-olds have juice cups and books and snacks and toys all over the place. I have tried a bunch of things in the back... little bins and bags, but nothing has worked. And worst Can you help me find the right thing for the back of my car?

Maggie T. Kentucky

Dear Maggie,

Ah... the perils of traveling with our delightful children!
We have a couple great backseat and car organizers, but for those heavy duty "mommy, he's touching me!" moments--we would recommends the Kids Car Organizer by High Road. There's plenty of room for their games, toys and snacks. And best of all it fits in between the seats so no one is "crowded!" Load it up with a whole day's worth of travel entertainment--and be assured that there is a place for everything. Adjustable dividers and padded sides keep the contents organized and insulated. The outside is thoughtfully designed with identical sides to reduce backseat squabbling--and is tall enough for kids in booster seats. The sides of the reinforced lid flip up for a fun play space where toys can be played with and crayons won't roll offm and the whole thing buckles into the seat with the seat belt to keep it secure.
Check this genius travel car organizer out... you won't be disappointed.

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