Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Gift for Traveler

Dear Travel Guru:

Hello. My husband has a new job and travels for work several days each month. I would like to get him a Christmas gift that would make the long plane rides or hotel stays easier on him. But he is also hard to buy for him since he seemingly has everything! Do you have any ideas?

Samantha K - Charlotte, NC

Dear Samantha,

We have a ton of great travel gear for the avid recreational traveler...and the business traveler, and everyone in between.

For your husband I would like to recommend our Quiet Platinum Noise Reducing Headset.
At less than $100 each the Plane Quiet Platinum is a full around-ear active noise reducing headset at a great price. It's combined high fidelity sound, active noise cancellation, and low price, make it an unbeatable value. Your husband will love the great sound, and also the headsets ability to get rid of the sound of the screeming baby, the loud talker, the plane noise and the chatty row-mate. In fact, we think this is the perfect gift for the frequent traveler!
A List of the Plane Quiet Noise Reducing Headset is below -- thank yo ufor your question and happy holidays.
Features & Accessories:
-->Up to 18 decibels of active noise reduction
-->Flat-folding designProtective Storage/travel pouch
-->Luxurious leather wrapped ear cups & headband
-->Noise cancellation on/off switch
-->Gold plated 1/4th inch stereo pin
-->Gold plated 1/8th inch to 1/4th inch adapter
-->Gold plated dual-pin adapter
-->Two AAA batteries included
-->Compatible with: iPod ®/ MP3, CD, DVD players/laptop computers/ desktop computers
-->Limited one-year warranty
-->FAA compliant

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