Friday, December 12, 2008

Dream Adventure Trip - Safe Traveling

Dear Travel Guru,

My best friend and I are going on the adventure trip of a life-time. We will be taking a month and traveling all over Asia. We have been planning this since we graduated college 5 years ago and next year we are both getting married.

We need to pack as lightly as possible and also be safe when we travel. What can we bring that will help keep our personal belongings safe, but not take up a lot of room?

Michelle J., Boulder CO

Dear Michelle,

That sounds like a wonderful trip. I wish you and your best friend a great time on your adventure.

For security on long trips we would recommend the Eagle Creek UnderCover Deluxe Security Belt. This nifty comfortable belt has plenty of pockets, but is light-weight, and can be discreetly hidden away under your clothes. This security belt also has a separate pocket for an airline ticket, so is perfect for air travel or walking through a crowded market in Asia!

Please browse through our website for other safe travel gear, and have a fantastic voyage!

THE Travel Guru gear answer man!

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